Human City
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The mother who made a community garden, the professor who dedicated his life to parking, the architect who studied the nuances of a public bench - these are the people who make our places, well, human.

Through the words of leaders, thinkers, designers and simply doers, we investigate what makes our bursting cities human and how this may liberate our growing urban population.

Hosted By Stig Terrebonne

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    Michaele Pride - Design for Equity

    Michaele Pride - AIA, NOMA, professor of architecture at the University of New Mexico, whose work focuses on the intersection between design and public health.

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    Dr. Steven Dow - Design & Collective Innovation

    Dr. Steven Dow - Associate Professor of Cognitive Science at The University of California San Diego where he researches collective innovation and social computing.

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    Kevin Klinkenberg

    Kevin Klinkenberg - Urban Designer, writer, and former architect out of Savannah Georgia (Now Kansas City) who runs K2 Urban Designs

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    Vishaan Chakrabarti

    Vishaan Chakrabarti - Architect, Author, and Ted speaker

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    Anthony Flint - Journalist, Aficionado, Story Teller

    Anthony Flint is the author of Modern Man: The Life of Le Corbusier and Wrestling with Moses: How Jane Jacobs Took on New York’s master builder. Anthony is a regular contributor to The Atlantic’s CityLab, The Boston Globe, The New Republic and much more.

    In this episode we talk about the role of story telling in urban design, traveling in a city versus living in one, the biological component of design, and of course, Le Corbusier and Jane Jacobs.

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